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Innovation Night Schools

The objective of setting up Night schools was to provide basic education to working children. Children�s work is often essential to their own survival or their households� survival. They may also be pushed into work by other factors, such as cultural norms that view childhood as a time for work, rather than for play or school. Therefore, Night Schools are proving to be an important component of successful attempts to get children out of full-time work and bring into part/full-time schooling.

There are a very few of these children are able successfully to combine work with education, for majority of children work has a devastating effect on their levels of educational achievement. Much analysis has already been done on the complex links between education and work, such as the effects of work on school attendance, and the value of learning gained through work. Many of the measures aimed at providing quality education for working children are not new ideas. The idea is to achieve the goal of Education for deprived sections of the society and making education truly free to the user and promoting the genuine participation of communities in schools.

Accordingly, AICAPD envisaged the vision that working children have access to adequate amounts of schooling that are flexible enough to meet working children�s needs and ensuring that the education that working children receive is of sufficiently high quality and relevant to their lives

In the process children will not have to search for schools in place schools will go to their doorstep to provide basic education which will in turn contribute to their overall growth and will earn a place for them in civil society.

First Innovation Night school was setup in outskirts of Gurgaon (Haryana, India) in 2010 with 65 working children. To join this cause, [Click Here]

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