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Innovation Mobile Schools
  • With a huge migrated population, a large number of children in Gurgaon/NCR, who have moved with their parents in search of work, end up missing education altogether.

  • The poor families migrate chiefly in search of livelihood, mainly to Gurgaon, NCR region.

  • With a firm initiative to help these children from the labour class, the AICAPD (I-CAP), a National NGO, has launched two �Innovation Mobile Schools� in Gurgaon district at Sohna Road mainly aimed at bringing elementary education to these children.

  • The mobile schools are set up at the place where the migrant families put up their temporary ramshackles dwelling. These schools will remain close to their settlements in this place till the time the migrants stay in these temporary abodes. The schools will automatically move when the migrants shift their homes to new sites as their work demands.

  • AICAPD mobile schools have basic facilities like any normal school. The first 2 mobile schools target approximately 150 migrant children. The mobile school follows the migrants and thus the children are under constant touch with their Innovation School. The plan is to scale up to 50 such schools in Gurgaon/NCR by the end of 2012. A comprehensive evaluation process is also being worked out to assess the impact of the teaching methods and learning process to make the bonding between the school and the children more effective. This initiative will help in retaining these children, who otherwise, drop out due to the movement of their families and lose contact with the educated world.

  • The components provided by I-CAP include the school, teaching-learning materials, school materials and training and salary for the teachers.

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